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A major goal of the PanAmerican Society for Pigment Cell Research is to help disseminate new ideas associated with pigment cell biology and physiology. These commentaries are one of these ways. The PASPCR hopes that you enjoy these commentaries. Our goal is to continue to add additional writings. Please check back.

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 August John Pawelek The Colors of Our Skin

 July Prashiela Manga My Career in Pigment Cell Biology: The Luck of the Draw?
 May Ana Luisa Kadekaro Commentary
 November Meenhard Herlyn Melanocyte Biology - The Well-Kept Secret
 October Heinz Arnheiter Spotting the Spotted
 September Raymond Boissy Commentary
 August James Grichnik My Adventures on the Trail to Melanoma Stem Cell Biology
 June Richard Spritz Hunting Disease Genes in the Wilds of the Genome
 May Suzie Chen From Cell Differentiation to Tumorigenesis
 April Estela Medrano Learning to SKI in the Lab
 March Marjan Huizing Czeck it out: Growing up with Hermansky and Pudlak
 February Gisela F. Erf Vitiligo - Lessons Learned from the Smyth-Line Chicken
 December William J. Pavan A Colorful Journey with Fascinating Interactions
 November Vince Hearing Unraveling the Melanosome
 October Davinder Parsad and
S. Prasad W. Kumarasinge
Psycho-social Implications of Pigmentary Disorders in Asia
 September Frank Meyskens Pathogenesis and Chemoprevention of Human Cutaneous Melanoma: Redox Gone Wrong
 August Caroline Le Poole Journey to the Source of Progressive Depigmentation
 July Glynis Scott Melanocyte dendricity, melanosome transfer, and signaling mechanisms involved in these processes
 June Andrzej Slominski Scientific journey: from Bomirski melanoma to a stress-response in the skin
 May Zalfa Abdel-Malek My journey to the land of melanocortins, how it stated and where it is leading
 April Miri Seiberg From the keratinocyte PAR2 to soybean extracts for skin lightening
 March John Pawelek Viewing malignant melanoma cells as macrophage-tumor hybrids
 February Keith Cheng The golden mutation in zebrafish